Our Clients

Since 2005, Mission Coast Financial has served a wide array of clients.  

We recognize that no two financial plans should be the same, because no two investors are.  Our clients include individuals, corporations, charitable organizations and retirement plans. If you are setting goals for your future or you are experiencing unexpected detours in your life and plans, we hope you will allow us the privilege of being your financial advocate as you navigate the transitions of your life.


Retired, or plan to retire?

If you are retired, preserving your wealth and maintaining your lifestyle is probably among your top priorities. You need to feel confident that you can cope with the financial consequences of a major health event. You want to know you have the income you need regardless of what the financial markets do. You want to know you that you can age in place.

How much is enough? Have I accumulated enough money to enjoy a meaningful, independent future? These are the questions most asked about funding their retirement.

Because we are living longer in retirement today, the possibility of 30 years without a paycheck is a reality. Providing this income takes careful planning and disciplined investing.


Among our clients are women who face the emotional and financial challenges of losing a spouse through death or divorce.

Women face unique financial planning challenges. Many fear they may outlive their savings, or have insufficient income to live comfortably. A newly single woman may be handling significant assets on her own for the first time.

We help women feel confident they are making well-reasoned decisions, thus making life choices where their finances are a means to reach life’s ambitions rather than an obstacle.

Busy Professional

As a professional, you likely have long been focused on your career. While understanding complex financial concepts are not a problem, taking the necessary time to handle your finances may well be.

At Mission Coast Financial, we understand your time is valuable. Our team’s expertise enables you to focus on your work, your family and your interests.

While we’re always available to discuss market trends, economic developments and, of course, your portfolio – we’re also here to help address all aspects of your finances – from the day-to-day details to the “big picture,” from assessing the tax implications of your portfolio to helping you establish a living trust.